The Chrysler 200 Looks Out for You Even When You're Off Hiking

We here at our Hartford, CT area Chrysler dealership know you're up to a lot, particularly in the summer months, and keeping your mind on everything important takes a lot of focus. That's why the new 2015 Chrysler 200 takes care of you even when you're not inside. Check out this fun vine to see one feature of the new 200 in action, then head on over to our Chrysler dealership serving Hartford and take a quick test drive.



The new 200 is so much more than a smart safety brake for when you're off hiking. Loaded with useful tech features that allow you to connect and navigate around, this spacious and comfortable sedan is a sensible choice for the solo commuter or the family driver. See if it's the right fit for you by coming over to Capitol Garage Inc. today and we'll be happy to take you for a test drive.

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