Enjoy the Jeep Patriot While it Lasts

For years, the new Jeep Patriot was a great alternative to the other, more-popular Jeep models found here at our Hartford and Colchester, CT area dealership. And while the recent Patriot is still a smart, efficient choice, it's also probably the last model year it will be around.



As much as we love the Patriot - and the Jeep Compass, too - it's exciting to find out that an all-new crossover is on its way. The Jeep brand is always coming up with fun new ideas, and you, our drivers, are the beneficiaries of some of the most complete SUVs and crossovers out on the road. Once this unnamed new ride gets closer to production, you can expect to hear a lot more about it.

Until the next big reveal, the Patriot is here at Capitol Garage Inc. and waiting for you to test drive, so head on over today and see what this efficient crossover has to offer.

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